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Analogue nostalgia


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26th June 2013
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26th June 2013

: and what do machines have to do with the non-analogue? The digital implies the finger -the digit -as the means of making change: the push-button world of convenience where finger and the selector button, the digit and the digital, are united. But what happens if we want to select something between two buttons?
The analogue implies the ability to slide between the limited choices of 'yes' or 'no', zero or one.

Haptic: any form of nonverbal communication involving touch (from Greek ἅπτω = 'I fasten onto, I touch').
What is the Digital?

25th June 2013
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25th June 2013

for example, the ability of analogue radios to tune between stations is inefficient, since it is presumed that most listeners are not interested to the sounds produced between any two points of broadcast.The between-ness of 'analogue inefficiency' can be compared to the liminal spaces between radio stations, where the noise of static prevails over the relative coherence of intentional broadcast.
The digital radio is perceived as more efficient since stations can be pre-programmed and selected at the touch of a 'digit',an interaction which connects the desirable with the possible, at the cost of excluding the improbable.
In this sense analogue means the ability to access the inbetween-ness which is excluded from the digital realms.
an ‘analogue inefficiency’

17th June 2013
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17th June 2013

But, perhaps we have already shot ourselves in the foot by using the title Analogue Nostalgia, a derogatory term with the connotation of old people, rather than the young forward thinking people who favour the digital revolution over the analogue dreams of the past.Analogue Nostalgia

15th June 2013
Last updated:
17th June 2013


How do you *spell* analogue? Analogue OR Analog?

What does 'analogue' mean?

Definition of ANALOGUE
: something that is analogous or similar to something else
: an organ or part similar in function to an organ or part of another animal or plant but different in structure and origin
usually analog : a chemical compound that is structurally similar to another but differs slightly in composition (as in the replacement of one atom by an atom of a different element or in the presence of a particular functional group)
: a food product made by combining a less expensive food (as soybeans or whitefish) with additives to give the appearance and taste of a more expensive food (as beef or crab)
-miriam webster

Definition of analogue noun
-------a person or thing seen as comparable to another:an interior analogue of the exterior world
------ Chemistry a compound with a molecular structure closely similar to that of another: thioacids are sulphur analogues of oxyacids

------ relating to or using signals or information represented by a continuously variable physical quantity such as spatial position, voltage, etc.: analogue signals the information on a gramophone record is analogue

------Often contrasted with digital (sense 1). ------(of a clock or watch) showing the time by means of hands or a pointer rather than displayed digits.

early 19th century: from French, from Greek analogon, neuter of analogos 'proportionate'
-oxford english

If these are the 'canonical' definitions of analogue, then why is it?
:more authentic?: More imperfect?: With a human touch?:

: and what do machines have to do with the non-analogue?

Haptic: any form of nonverbal communication involving touch (from Greek ἅπτω = 'I fasten onto, I touch').

-to come: "what is nostalgia?"


15th June 2013
Last updated:
25th June 2013

Don't throw out your tapes!

14th June 2013
Last updated:
16th June 2013

scratches on my favourite records
The crackle of a broken switch
Radio waves
Dials turning
a broken guitar string
a slipped stitch
finger prints
things we like