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Audio Releases of Snake Beings
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Maggottism International
13 x 7 CD(r) box-set project.

One new CDr per month was released
from September 02 until October 03.

Final 13 CDrs are available in a special Box set with additional documentation (Click below to order)

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Esoteric Eclectic Electronic Recordings

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Details on the 13 CD Set Below:

#13 September 2003
Kaosphere Orchestra Live
4 live soundtracks to the films The Shrine and Santa Arson by Snake Beings. Performed by the Kaosphere Orchestra in Hamilton (Flaming Fringe Meteor theatre 2003).

See also CD #3
8 piece Noise Orchestra for the last and final CD of the monthly Maggottism International Box set series, performing live at the Meteor Theatre Hamilton 4th and 5th September 03.

Features: Richman, Edward Anderson, Chris Thompson, Suzzanne McNair, Snake Beings, Ben Spiers, R G Shaw, Lymbic System (absent without reason) Brother Nexlig (Numerology and conductions) and Andrew Timbrell (Projections)


The Kaosphere Orchestra features over 35 Musicians throughout New Zealand

#12 August 2003
Spliced Device
Another live improv release by members of the Kaosphere Orchestra, recorded in 3 sessions:
"Homage to Sun Ra" 08-07-03 involving Richman, Chris Thompson, Ben Spiers, Run-Syble-Spoon, Snake-Beings and Kitty Meow.
Ïnvestigation into Reincarnation" 20-07-03 involving
Richman, Chris Thompson, Ben Spiers, Snake-Beings Suzzan Mcnair and Kitty Meow.
"Oscilator" 01-07-03 involving Richman, Snake-Beings Suzzan Mcnair and Run-Syble-Spoon.


Part Two of the 'live improv' series of CDS. Comical circus type music with hints of free jazz, chaotic dischord and un-equal temperament tuning scales. A must for all backlashers of computer/programed music. 11 tracks of lengths between 2.20 and 13.43 plus hidden bonus track.

#11 July 2003
Circus Mutations
Live improv by members of the Kaosphere Orchestra, recorded 24-06-03 involving Richman, Ben Spiers, Run-Syble-Spoon, Snake-Beings. Part one of the 'live improv' series of CDS. Comical circus type music with hints of free jazz, chaotic dischord and un-equal temperament tuning scales. A must for all backlashers of computer/programed music. 17 tracks of lengths between 0.58 and 9.59

#10 June 2003
Titus Andronicus
Soundscape by Snake Beings for the William Shakespeare play Titus Andronicus. Performed in Hamilton June 2003 by "Slip of the Tongue" production company, Directed by Mark Servian, the play is set in an office environment where the violence of the Roman power struggle against the Goths is implied rather than explicit. Condensed versions of the 4 CDs made for live operation. 53 tracks on the CD including: sound effects, Muzak, atmospheric noise and selecteded dialogue.

#9 May 2003
Fracture Floor
Postal collaboration between Antony Milton (Pseudo Arcana
Right speaker channel) and Snake Beings ( Left speaker channel). Recorded blind (or is it deaf ? eg without hearing the others person's track.) The only reference points were track names and times.Titles and times include: Fridge Tone 4:24, Mono syllobic discourse 5:53, Lay Verdigris 9:04

#8 April 2003
Postal collaboration between The Okok Society (Wales UK; Right speaker channel) and Circuit 47 (New Zealand; Left speaker channel).
One audio track of 65 minutes length comprising of, amongst others, Okok recordings under Pylons and Circuit 47 recordings on Maungakawa's Antenna Hill.
Ritualistic soundtrack.

#7 March 2003
Last Dust of Demon-ocracy
Soundscapes and songs around the theme of decay, civilisation and supermarkets. Samples feature:
Richman (solo track), Andrew Garlic, La Verne, Stefan Neville (Pumice), Geoffrey Burnet & Gwendolyn Holmburg.
Also; one song from the archives of Some Stumpy Goats (1990 featuring Fluffy Squonk) and the hit single "Thomas Aquinas" (1993)

#6 February 2003
Power To Trip

New Electronic works combined with Archive sounds from Mexico street recordings '98, film soundtrack : "The death of an Orchestra" '86 , and "Industrial Ballet" theatre soundtrack (Wellington fringe 2001) Samples and sounds donated by : Rory 477, Jemima Kitch, Kitty Meow,
Run-Sybil-Spoon, Adrian Webclaw. Dr. Alison, Mr Agrippa and others.

#5 January 2003
Maggottism International

New Electronic works featuring samples from musicians Anna-Lisa Sviako, Run-Sybil-Spoon, Geoffrey Burnet, Fluffy Squonk, Zuban Weeds, Mr Agrippa and Windmill Ducktablet Daffodile Birdcrumb Wapcaplet and others. Combined with samples taken from a decaying 1986 audio cassette by Snake Beings arranged using the trusty p200mhz.

#4 December 2002
Combustion Engineering

Ambient short-wave radio travelogue.
( Recordings by Circuit 47, Okok Society, Lymbic System, Snake Beings and others )

#3 November 2002
Kaosphere Orchestra.

4 live soundtracks to the film The Alchemical Pilgrimage by Snake Beings. Performed by the Kaosphere Orchestra in Dunedin (Dunedin Fringe Arc 2002) and Hamilton (Flaming Fringe Meteor theatre 2002).
Features over 30 Musicians scripted using a unique visual/numerological musical cue system.

#2October 2002
Take Small Steps

Vision Sear- Rare unreleased audios from Brent Soper and his wonderous fairground organics.
c/w Tapes from the sound box, recorded using a dictorphone and a telephone answering machine located within a small accoustic sound box to form a extremely low-tech multi-tracking recorder :Snake Beings

#1 September 2002
Diode Divinities

Electronic and acoustic recordings made on 4 track cassette machine. Compilation of
analogue recordings made by Snake Beings between 1999-02 in New Zealand
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