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MechanicalFez BoxSet Novemeber 2004

MechanicalFez Releases

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Esoteric Eclectic Electronic Recordings

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    (All covers full colour card)
Some CDs are also available individually
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15 CD MechanicalFez boxSet

Chance Chanting

Features Brother Nexlig of the Kaosphere Orchestra, SnakeBeings.

NZ Electronica from the 'off-centre-parted fringes'


E8 Daytape worm Volume 2

With Dan Spider Monk EE, volume 2 from the 85 songs recorded using the daytape process

Kaosphere Orchestra Live at the Meteor Theatre

5th Performance of the Kaosphere Orchestra featuring apokalyptic wedding music

DictorPhone Recordings

Sound recorded without conscious effort, edited using visual cues.

Sonic divination for the infernal machine

Kaosphere live: Full Moon

Recorded live to a non-audience during a full moon in 2004. Improvised soundtrack featuring Richman, Run-syble-spoon, SnakeBeings.

Mixed down on a full moon in sept 2004

Lymbic system

Second CD release from the enigmatic Lymbic System featuring audio by K. Recorded in the now defunkt 81 Mount Eden Rd Studios AK

AKA Kain, Wain, etc

Mongolian BBQ

Martin Webclaw and SnakeBeings project re-mastered and compiled for 2004 release.



Mp3 Volume One

9 albums for the price of one. Ultra value for money

made for the mass distribution by the eye-pod-peoples


Why buy 9 when you can buy 1?


Mp3 Volume Two

7 albums for the price of one. Ultra value for money

made for the mass distribution by the eye-pod-peoples

Specifically for the US market

The films of SnakeBeings VCD

Video CD playable on most DVD players. Feature the 3 super8 films made by SnakeBeings during 1990-2002

One Hour playing time for more info go to:


Slouch - Couch

Slouch are Dan Powell (AKA SPider Monk EE) Voice guitar, Andrew Gibbons (Mongolian BBQ) Bass, SnakeBeings Drums.


18 well crafted songs from the mind of D. Powell (Founding member of Wendy House)


First Album release by the doubly Enigmatic Authur Marsh



AKA Brother Nexlig of the Cult of the Dead Light-Bulb


Some Stumpy Goats

Compilation of two Albums from the Acid-Punk duo Fluffy (Plastic) Squonk and SnakeBeings.

Includes the hit-single 'Gibby-Goo' as featured on the first Wendy House CD 'Hot action Plastic' back in 1993

Fluffy Squonk, believed missing in action.


24 well crafted songs from the'Fuck up your Bladder fish' tapes and 'Abortive Gibby-Goo' originally released via wiggly tapes

Death of an Orchestra

Named after a standard 8mm film of the same name in which animated actionman figures are devoured by maggots emitting from a strangulated telephone line.


Recorded and edited in the style of the Cult of the Dead LightBulbs methodology "Without Conscious Effort"

monk Dative Opposition

Compilation of recording from the archives: featuring Steffan Neville ( from Pumice and ArmPit) and Painter R. G > Shaw




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