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Mongolian BBQ (w/ Martin Scott) 2001
Utopia Metopia (Wendy house, guest musician) 2000

Live from the pillow (Wendy House, featured tracks) 1999
Street recordings compilation (as heard in the "Shrine to the Dead Light-Bulb" separate mono recordings on left and right speaker) 1998
E8 Day-Tape Worm (w/ Daniel Powell) 1997
Hot Action Plastic (Wendy House featured tracks) 1994

25 SnakeSongs 1999
Stains of the Saints 1996
13 Snake-songs 1995
Pyrotechnical Demons are Rife (soundtrack for a Steve Rife fireshow) 1994
Horror Flutes International (sound tracks) 1994
Scalaples for Doubt-not 1993
untitled snakesongs 1992
Rubber Mexicans 1991
Some Stumpy Goats 'Bladderfish' (w/ fluffy Squonk) 1990