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Emit Snake-Beings: Curriculum Vitae 1995

Emit Snake-Beings
D'.O.B: 18-12-67
1995 Dec.  Group mural and installations at 75A Collective London. Dec.       Permanent sound installation in toilet of Rich & Famous gallery London.

Nov.       Shrine installation Rich & Famous Gallery London

sept-Dec   Work with punkpop performance group " Jackie " Including gigs at Naive Madame jojo's soho. Smashing Club Regents Street, Levi's Gallery Regents Street London as part of P.P.Hartnet's photographic exhibition ' shooting up '.

Oct.       Electronic 'Shrine' installations at Underworld cafe London.

Oct.       10 day 's:LLent retreat' as part of research for future project.

August.    Electronic 'Shrine' installation Rich & Famous London. July.      Super 8 films screening Hacienda club Manchester. June-July  'Livi'ng Space' Installation of Electronic 'Shrines' featured on 'Big City' Calton T.V.reviewed by Sarah Kent for 'Time Out' London. May        Editing/Soundtrack "Banister House" Hi8 video, screened Oct 95 av AVE film festival Arnheim Holland.

April  Filming/Scripting. Timelapse super 8 film,"Time & Decay" March      Electrical 'Shrine' Installation 2MX1M' Farleigh Road N16 March      Soundtrack/Performance for 'Erotic Puppet Show" with Cat Miaow, Planet Sexball, Club U.K. London.

Jan-July   Soundtrack/Costume design/Performance/Film making "OutSpunOut" performance group combining Electronic clothing. Film & Video projections and sound with performance. Rainbow Church Kentish Town, Megatripolis club Heaven London, Church Street Arts Festival London.

1994 Nov.  Three sound pieces included on the "Wendy House" compact disk, copy run of 500, New Zealand,

Aug-Oct.   Design/manufacture of " Brain Machines" Electronic visualisation device, 30 made, London. July.     
Instalation of 'Electronic Oracular Shrine' Hitchcocks vegetarian restaurant Hull,Humberside.

July       Filming/Scripting/performing " Banister House" Hi8 video.

June       Film screening of "Santa Arson" super 8 ,with live soundtrack. Horror Flutes International Megatripolis. Heaven London

Electronic sound and Installation space at "Expose Yourself " Multi-media festival Horror Flutes International group , The Tannery,London bridge, London.

1993 Sept-Dec Various screenings of super 8 films at "The Exploding
Cinema" Camberwell, London.

Sept-Dec.Silver smith course, Kentish Town London.

Dec. Soundtrack and performance for Steve Rife's "Pyrotechnical
Demons are Rife " The Tannery, London Bridge *

March-May Scripting/Filming/Performing "Santa Arson" super 8 film
with Steve Rifs (U.S.A) London.

1992 Dec,July Writing/Artwork/Collation of "Celestial Medicine" short
run booklet, 5 editions. London.

A-Z of Death. Photo series & booklet 30 copies made.London. "Dietary Listing" photo & documentary booklet 16 copies. "Divination Machine", Interactive booklet 27 copies made.

(92) Filming/Per forming/Prop Making & Destroying. "the Shrine" 23 minute super 8 film, Holland, Barcelona, Spain.

March-June Resident projectionist at the 'Magik Roundabout' club in connection with Hull Time-Based Arts Hull, Humberside.

Feb-March, Film/Sound recordings, untitled picject < Spain,Mcrrocco.

1990 Jan-Nov.   "Some Stumpy Goats" Art performance and music group. compilation and production of packaged tape & booklet/ artwork
50 copies made. London. 89-march   Writing/Artwork "Cholera Clocks" 93 page book hand bound in rubber 23 copies made . London.
June-Oct   Writing/Artwork " Cockroach Culture" 80 page book 13 copies. 1989-90  
Self-Employed Silver Jewellary maker. 1988-89  

 Art Foundation course, Hertfordshire college of art, St.Albans, 1987     

  Scriptwriting/filming/props," The Soap Opera" with Marcel Hobi (Zurich) London. 1990-95  

Packaged tapes with copy runs of between 10-30
1990       Rubber Mexicans
1991       No Bar Code/Grilled Face
1992       Scalples For Doubt Not.
1993       Horror Flutes International.
1994       Thirteen Snake Songs.

1995       Songs Of The Saints, sold from an adapted vending machine.