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Emit Snake-Beings: Curriculum Vitae 1999

curriculum vitae                       Emit Snake-Beings

Born ; 18-12-67 London U.K.
Heronswood High School Welwyn Garden City 79-'84 Stevenage College '84-'86 :
Three 'A' Levels ( Communications studies , English Lit. Theater set design ) Two '0/A' Levels ( History of Art, Film studies. ) Hertfordshire College of Art and Design '87-'88 :
Foundation course in Art, specialising in Video and Printmaking.
Work Experience.
London May '98 - Dec.'98 Prop. Maker and electronic effects consultant to costume designer Clara Apollo on the film "Fast Food" directed by Phil Hunt (starring Eddy Izzard]

Design 85 building of seven coin operated "Electronic Shrines and Mechanical Reliquaries" for a one person show and installation The Shrines of Snake-Beings" at the Rich 85 Famous Art Gallery London E8. 29* July 98. - 21't Aug. '98 (E-mail ; Rich8sfamous@lennie-baba.demon.co.uk)

Commission to design and build large (2.2 m high x 1m wide) coin operated "Electrical Shrine" installation, flashing street signs and various shop fittings for "Temple Tattu" tattoo and piercing shop #9 Boyces St. Brighton U.K. Tel. 01273 208844

Setting up of a permanent exhibition of "the Shrines of Snake-Beings" in Temple Tattu" Brighton U.K.

Prop. Maker and electronics consultant to costume designer Clara Apollo on the film "Anxiety" directed by Alasdare Ogilvie.

Commission to design and build large ( 2m high ) "Electrical shrine" installation for the personal home of Karl Karlota, Stoke Newington, London.

One off commission to design 85 build a guitar triggered, foot controlled, audio oscillator for "Birdyak" experimental jazz performance group.

Design and installation of lighting system in Rich & Famous Art Gallery #81 Sandringham Road London, E8.

Design and installation of electrical and lighting systems in studio of clothes designer Julie Clake, London.

One off commission to design and build an interface system, allowing a pair of strobe lights to be connected to a Mindlab Brain machine, for group use, for writer and Chaos magician Dave Lee as part of a performance.

Co-founding of gardening company "Lunar Landscape" ; garden maintenance and design, fence repairs, ponds, etc. Part-time work May '98 - Nov. '98

Previous work experience
Travel and research in Spain. Dec. '97 - April '98

Commission to design and build large (1.5m. x 1m.) coin operated "Electrical Shrine' installation for tattoo and piercing shop "Sacred Art" on public display at #148 Albion Rd London N16. Tel. 0171 254 2223

Assistant Manager at "Food for All" health food and medicinal herbs shop, 3 Cazenove Rd. London N16. Tel. 0181 806 4138. March '96 - Dec. '97

Eagle Factory project; Design and building of large coin operated sound sculpture, with N.Z. artist Dan Spider Monk-ee to promote c.d. (see below) London.

June - Sept '97 Recording and pressing of compact disk (500 copies) + design of art work, with Dan Spider Monk-ee of N.Z. group Wendy House. London.

June *97 "Living Space" group exhibition. Design and building of three coin operated Shrines and Vending machines + showing of films "The Shrine" and "Santa Arson" (see below). Featured on magazine programme 'Big City' Carlton Television. Reviewed in Time-out' London weekly magazine by Sarah Kent. Bethnal Green Rd. London El.

June - July '96 Four tracks included on the c.d. "Hot Action Plastic" by N.Z. group "Wendy House" Nation wide local radio play in New Zealand. (1000 copies sold)

Prop. Maker, Pyrotechnics, costumes, music, filming and editing "Banister House" Video with Eva Katzenmeir. Shown on Channel 4 Television '96.

Props, scripting, sound, filming and editing of super 8 films "The Shrine" (filmed in Spain and Holland) and "Santa Arson" (staring American pyrotechnics artist Steve Rife) Shown at The Exploding Cinema' London, and numerous one off events around Britain. '92 - '95