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Hamilton Underground Film Festival. [HUFF] Yearly event involving local, national  and international Filmmakers.  Activities include: organising venues and publicity, website and press release writing, liaison with filmmakers, selection of films and program design. Sept 06/ Sept 07 / NOV 08

Kaosphere Orchestra – semi-improvised 13 piece orchestra providing live sound track and foley to the film ‘Alchemical Pilgrimage’ by E Snake-Beings. Activities included: devising a scripting system using numbered slides and instruction sheets to structure and synchronise the sound to image. Hamilton Fringe Festival, Meteor Theatre 2004. HCAC funding
Techno-Fest, Academy of Performing Art + Hamilton fringe festival, HCAC funding 2003 Elixir. Dunedin Fringe Festival, Arc venue. 2002. Travel funding from Dunedin Fringe.
Hamilton Fringe Festival, Meteor Theatre 2002 HCAC funding

Industrial Ballet. [Collectively organised] Devised theatre involving members from Hamilton street theatre collective. Three shows at Wellington International Fringe Festival, venue: Capital E. Performer and co-organiser/ sound designer. Won award for best costumes. Funding through Prince Geoffie the 1st arts council. 2001

477 Gallery- Victoria st Hamilton

Psychogeographical Signs of Navigation and Electrical Totem Poles. Joint art show at St Agatha’s Gallery Auckland. Featuring Hamilton painter R.G. Shaw, The Lymbic System (AK) and the OKOK society (Wales UK). 2000

Electrical Shrine exhibition: Sculpture and interactive art installations. Booja Art Gallery Auckland, as featured on ‘Nightline’ TV3 2000 REF: http://snakebeings.co.nz/shrines/