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Italian Film Festival Hamilton Invited curator for local filmmakers section of the event series Feb 2008 REF: Steven Chappell (07) 838 6562 POSTER

 Venting Gallery Melbourne – Australian Tour:  Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Blue Mountains Sydney. Film showings and combined expanded cinema projections working with Australian Improvised sound makers and as part of the other film festival - November 2007 REF: http://ventinggallery.com/ POSTER

Wallace Gallery Auckland NZ - Oct 19th FIlm Screening suport act for James Robinson - with Chris Knox and the nothing, Pumice, Mister Sterile Assembly! POSTER

Pikatea – Waikato Museum of Art and History 2007 Invited member of film selection committee
Linguistic Masticator Recycled Art exhibition. Computer oracle and random word writing program (devised using visual basic coding, downloadable from www.snakebeings.co.nz/downloads) – Invited exhibitor Meteor theatre 2003

Titus Andronicus (W. Shakespeare) produced by Slip of the Tongue Theatre Company. soundtrack and sound operator: 10 performances Meteor theatre. 2002.

Born in the ASU. Director of one of the 6 segments which made up the show. Audience were led through the space. Producer: Mark Servian. 2001

Scrap Book Theatre: childrens show. Various duties for the several shows: performer (clock-face), props, sound and lighting operator. Created by members of Free Lunch Ltd. Hamilton Flaming Fringe festival, Meteor Theatre. 2000-2002

Babble: Theatre showcase organized by Corso Hamilton Meteor Theatre 2000

VJ (Improv. Video mixing) at The Gathering, three day music festival involving several video mixing shows to live and recorded music. Preparation and filming of visuals 2000

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