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The Shrines of Snake Beings 1991-2001

Over 30 shrines made in Europe and New Zealand
A merging of Magick, Art, Technology and Religion complete with coin operation for the modern devotee.

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Cabalistic Speaker Cab.  
shrine 32 d Monolith #3
Last in the series of monoliths. 2 metres tall (seen here in close -up) on the press of a button the internal cd player emits the sounds from the 'Sinister Makes' disk. A button must be pressed to rotate the hands of the clock.
made in Hamilton Sept- October 2001 Patent #82476387-333
shrine 32 d Monolith #2
second in a series of 3 monoliths for the year 2001
"shrine to discarded technology"
2 meter high Burnt fish bone shrine incorporating tape loop device push button activated to start electronic roulette wheel which selects discarded tecknology "standing clock" with central 'eye' piece through which can be seen a rapidly spining electronic clock face.
made in Hamilton june 2000 - March 2001Patent #287328828-3333
shrine 31 d Monolith #1
First in a series of 3 monoliths for the year 2001....
"shrine to the alchemical essence of time"
coin operated. 2 metre high standing clock (grandfather clock) device comprising of 5 fast running and backwards running electronic clock displays, electrical candles and large analogue face display.
A shrine to technology and its concept of time which incorporates detection and measuring instruments with readings displayed on v.u. meters.
made in Hamilton june 2000 - March 2001
shrine 30 Electric Totem pole #1
Flickering Light bulb array of nine bulbs surrounded by a rubber tyre of nails 2 metres high.
Made as a site specific instalation in Gallery St. Agatha's Auckland 6th june 2000
made in Hamilton may - june 2000.
shrine 29b Electric Totem pole #2
Assembled from an array of fast winding electronic clocks on a chared wood backing, made as a site specific instalation in Gallery St. Agatha's Auckland. 6th june
made in Hamilton may - june 2000.
shrine28 Light bulb Shrines
Edition of 13
featuring souveneer dead-match box relics of Santa Arson (Snake Beings) with goddess Kali Lables and an as yet un-dead light-bulb.
made in Hamilton may - june 2000.
  Alternating Current Altar
Site specific Altar built for exhibition "The Shrines of Snake-Beings" Boojwa Gallery Auckland. Feb. 14th 2000.
Contains Notebooks Tapes and Magickal Objectscollected during the making of the previous 5 shrinesalso included in the exhibition.
Made in New Zealand. Jan 1999-Feb 2000.
shrine 26 e Mechanism for the Transubstantiation of Light-Bulbs
Place the left hand onto the receptor to allow Chaotic human life-force destroy the Light-Bulbsthrough electrical energy transfer.
Patent # 47324826-66
Made in N.Z. Jan-Feb 2000
shrine 25 a Electrical Spirit Catching Box.
Coin operated for public use. Features several Transistor Radios tuned to different frequencies manipulated by a Random Selector Device, which utilises the 'Cut-up Method' as appliedto Voice Transmissions and Divining the Future using 'Radiomancy' Directions for use: place hand inside lower chamber pressing lightlyto ensure electrical contact, Insert coin to release 'Religious Energy' into hand.
33 X 93 X 23 CM
Patent # 435656213-777
Made in N.Z. July 1999-Feb 0000
shrine 24b Shrine to Carl Jung, Kali, & Dr Faustus.
Commissioned by Gilbert Peterson. Custom-made coin operated Reliquary utilising Roulette Wheel toselect Random phrases from G.Peterson's poem "Compromise with Technology"
80 X 44 X 24 CM.
Patent # 45465545-333
Made in N.Z. July-Sept 1999.
shrine 23 g Shrine to the Dead Light-Bulb
Coin operated Reliquary incorporating objects and sounds found "Without Conscious Effort".
Insert coin and press the red 'play' button to choose from the 93 tracks on the internal C.D. player containing street recordings from seven countries across the world.
Use the white button to Randomly Select your chemical pollutant.
93cm x 39 x 23
Patent # 497004-888.
Made in N.Z. April-June 1999
shrine 22 c Alchemical Kali device.
Coin operated Apparatus and means of unleashing Kali-energy into light-bulbs and alarm clocks using left-hand switching mechanism.
Right hand activates a Random Alchemical Divinity Selector allowing chance events to influence the religico-chemical processes of the operator.
93cm x 49 x 39
Patent # 367524-1500
Made in N.Z. Feb-April '99
Installed at Cafe Brazil ; 256 Karangahape Rd,Auckland. April- July "99
Presently owned by Nathan of Basque Park AK
shrine 21 g Tattooist's Electrical Reliquary Spirit Box.
Hand activated coin slot machine shrine containing Random Divinity Selector, Electrical Religious Neons,and Mechanical Deities. Central reliquary contains bone fragments, hair, rusting nails and the body fluids of the saints.
Insertion of a coin activates the numerous clock mechanisms and voice channelling devices in the lower section of the shrine.
The twin hand switches allows the operator to randomly select deities, throw an electronic dice, and manipulate movements of the spinning saints behind the glass.
Patent # 6546733-500
2.5 m x 2 m x 0.5 m
Made in London and Brighton Oct-Nov '98Commissioned by Temple Tattu ( Tattoo and Piercing studio ) On permanent display at 9 Boyces St. Brighton.U.K.
shrine 20 c Personalised Religious Shrine.
Electrical Shrine and Altar for personalised religious activities, containing storage space for ceremonial paraphernalia and diverse pre-fabricated deities behind glass.
Made to the height of the specific operator.
Patent # 8887366-250
Made in London. E8 Sept-Oct '98.
Private commission for Karlota. Stoke Newington London N16
shrine 11 l
The one metre square glass front contains objects and icons from the tattooists art combined with various saints and goddesses.
On insertion of a coin the 72 neon candles illuminate, the light-bulbs flicker and a telephone hand set plays a tape-loop of eclectic sound effects and chants.
Patent # 3796444-200
Made in E8. Jan '97
Commissioned by 'Sacred Art ' Tattooists and piercers.
On permanent display at 148 Albion Rd. London N16.
shrine 12 g Nstra. Snra. de las Bombillas.
( Our Lady of the Light-bulbs )
The Shrine to Ntra. Snra. de las Bombillas features twin Random Divinity Selector wheels set amongst various relics collected from the mountains, deserts and beaches of Spain.
A coin, when inserted as votive offering to Ntra. Snra., activates the prayer mechanisms and illuminates the divine light-bulbs.
In the lower section an Alchemical Substances and Processes Selector provides the mechanism of Transubstantiation which converts the baser elements of plastic ice-cream spoons, broken light-bulbs and rotting fruit into their higher counterparts.
Patent # 43873485-333
Made in Spain. March-May '98
Currently on loan for exhibition at 'Temple Tattu' Brighton. U.K.
Electronic Reliquaries.
Set of three battery operated electronic deities and relics encapsulated in resin.
Patent # 3759358-39
Made in E8 May-June '98
Believed to be in Wellington NZ, and UK.
shrine 14 Relics of the Saints.
Insertion of a coin is optional, these priceless relics are not for sale.
Saved from destruction and preserved for centuries these relics, which were once sold in Pilgrims inns and on street corners, have at last found their resting place within the machine.
"Machine and device for the automatic vending of Saints Relics and other Religious Paraphernalia."
Patent # 72654-111
Made in N16 and E8 '93 - '98
(As featured in the film " Santa Arson")Currently on loan for exhibition at 'Temple Tattu' Brighton U.K.
shrine 15 d Hand of Time.
Pressing palms wood to flesh after the optional insertion of a coin, activates the mechanism to destroy time.
Kali, the Indian Goddess of Anti-time looks on as the plastic alarm clocks wind themselves backwards into oblivion.
'Apparatus and Method for the destruction of Time, utilising Kali-Energy and Hand Activated disposable alarm clocks.
Patent # 437538-169
Made in E8. May-June '98.
Currently on display at Temple Tattu 9 Boyces St. Brighton U.K.
shrine 16 c Random Divinity Selector.
Set of three machines containing Hermetically Sealed Religious Icons and relics, Neon crucifix bulbs and a push button operated Random Divinity Selector. When the button is pushed the dial spins, an arrow indicates which random divinity has been selected. Each machine contains selections from the following pantheons :
1. Excerpts from the mysterious 'Satanas contra Christos' booklet found in Madrid 97.
2. Selections of Alchemical processes and substances in Spainish.
3. Modern day Air Pollutants and Short order abbreviations from a 'Greasy Spoon cafe'
Patent # 5358465-111
Made in E8. May-June '98
Complete set currently owned by Riki of 'Sacred Art' London N16
shrine 17 Mechanical Divination and Prayer Machine.
The operator is invited to insert a coin and allow the random selection of deities influence the direction of their prayers. Deities are selected by the spinning of the five motorised selection wheels.
A telephone hand set allows communication of the internal prayer tape loop, while a built-in electric fan blasts a cold wind on the hand that reaches for the telephone receiver, suggesting the unpredictability of the deities conjured forth.
Contains various Relics of Greater and Lesser Saints.
Patent # 27652-333
Made in London June '98.
Currently owned by Paulene Morphett London N1.
shrine 18 b Eye of God Device.
"Look into the Eye of God, ,,the flickering eye...."
Placement of one hand pressed against the machines wooden 'oath hand' activates the Eye of God Mechanism, allowing the operator to hear the voice as well.
'Apparatus and Method for Electronic Generation of Eye and Voice of God effect for use in Mystical Practices incorporating built-in ultra-sound frequency generator to induce Religious Visions'.
Patent # 837534-100
Built in London July '98.
Currently Owned by Vicky Pink London N16.
shrine 19 Alternating Current Altar.
Comprising of twin video monitors set on Altar structure containing display case with the notebooks, dictorphone tapes, and magical objects collected during 5 months travel in Spain.
A built-in frequency generator emits a selection of frequencies designed to influence the operator towards 'Religious Experience'
( 50 HZ. which incidentally is the frequency of a flickering Television set )
Patent # 88788776-16
Site Specific structure for Exhibition "The Shrines of Emit Snake-Beings at the 'Rich & Famous Gallery' 81 Sandringham Road, London E8. July 29th '98.
shrine 9 Shrine to the saint of spontaneous combustion, ignition and flame.50 disposable gas lighters pay homage to the deity while the charred remains of a thousand matches struck in salutation are illuminated when the operator inserts a coin and presses one of the nine control buttons.
Contains electrical flame light-bulbs, neon candles and the 'thumb of Santa Arson' , one of the rare relics from the film "Santa Arson".
Patent # 7774783-150
made in London N16, N1 & E8 between Dec.'95 & April '96
Currently owned by Riki of 'Sacred Art' London N16
Sacrificial Shrine 10 d These shrines were made to be destroyed, having been built into the recesses of houses due for demolition or reconstruction.
In echo of ancient Egyptian tombs a warning was displayed to those who may disturb the shrines, in this case reading : " Danger this shrine has been Hermetically Sealed to prevent the spread of Religico-Magico spores, to avoid infestation do not break the seal."
'Method and process of creating Sacrificial Shrine'
Patent # 76498777-000
Made and finally destroyed at 35 Horton Rd E8. 1997



Water shrine from the Film : " The Shrine "A twenty minute Super 8 Film transferred to video shows the water shrine during the construction, adoration and eventual destruction through emursion in the north sea. Each of the proposed four Shrines were dedicated to an element : in this case Water, and then displayed in a public place for adoration, in this case the Noordwijk sea dijks and Noordwijk binnen psychiatric hospital zoo The water shrine destroyed by the particular element to which it was attributed. The final shrine and the fourth element of Air, is the film itself, the record of the ritual, which is presently in the process of destruction through repeated public screenings, the oxide on the video tape demagnetising, slowly losing its charge.
Patent # 434433333-001
Made in Holland 1992
destroyed on Noordwijk aan Zee beach.
2Fire shrine : shrinemaker diary
25-nov-91 3;30 am.
I am a free person once more, the shrine, that object of magico-religious art has been destroyed again, this time by fire the flames have lept up and devoured the shrine on its hill top last resting point. It had become real, the shrine, manifested through the power of film and the appearances in the winding streets of the Ramblas.
It appeared there outside the churches of timezone Spain for a brief flickering moment then it went back to where it came from, to non-creation , a lingering thought that either existed once or will exist in the future. A public ritual of destruction with the petrol, there remains only the charred bottles and a memory of its image in the minds of the few who were curious enough to look.
Patent # 434433333-002
Made in Spain, 1993
destroyed in guel parc Barcelona,
  Earth shrine
Patent # 434433333-003
Made in Spain, 1993
Destroyed by burial near abandoned church 6km outside of Ponferrada on the way to the 'Templarios granja'
Nine postal Shrines
A set of nine shrines in zip top bags as a postal project(ion), an early experiment in sacrificial shrine manufactering following on from "the shrine" film. In this case the nine elements of the overal object created were sent to diverse as possible locations around the world.
Due to missing files, present documentation does not tell of exact locations or to whom the shrines were sent. However the African shrine was sent to a remote christian missionary settlement in Kenya as an example of cultural export from a so-called "civilised society" .
The following people are also believed to have been recipients:
Brenna Los angeles
Santa Arson (Steve Rife) Minnesota
Naofumi Ishimaru Japan
Martin Webclaw Hamilton New Zealand
made in london 1993,
further documentation unavailable.
shrine 5 Shrine to all Saints.
Insertion of a coin activates various illuminations and flicker devices located on multi-deity icons.
The built-in oscillator effects the rapid selection between various popular tunes including "when the saints come marching in" utilising an electronic device used in novelty toys.
Patent # 65657774-000
Currently owned by Cat Meow London N1.
shrine6 aaa Portable Sanctuary to San Jose de la Muntana.
Early coin operated devotional shrine combining the chemists periodic tables with electronic images of saints, light emitting diodes, and an internal tape machine which causes the sounds of monks chanting to be heard.
Patent # 56477636-000
made in London N16 1995Currently owned by Bryn Jab Amsterdam, Holland.
shrine 7d Shrine to Nikola Tesla.
Nikola Tesla, the inventor of A.C. Electrickery, and early pioneer of Radio, is placed among the more traditional and pre-electronic saints who like Tesla had experienced a great flash of (electrical) light.
The selector switch allows the operator to tune the shrine to the most distant transmissions, the origin of which are in constant dispute between scientists, artists and theologists. Available now for the average person in the street to decide for themselves.
Patent # 76399873-150
Made in E8. '95
currently owned by Riki of 'Sacred Art' London N16
shrine 8b Sacrificial Shrines.
These shrines were made to be destroyed, having been built into the recesses of houses due for demolition or reconstruction.
In echo of ancient Egyptian tombs a warning was displayed to those who may disturb the shrines, in this case reading : " Danger this shrine has been Hermetically Sealed to prevent the spread of Religico-Magico spores, to avoid infestation do not break the seal."
'Method and process of creating Sacrificial Shrine'Patent # 76498777-000
Made and finally destroyed at 40 Farleigh Rd. London N16 1995