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Selected Filmography of Snake Beings -


The Remote Viewers 2008

MniDv cam (Sony PD150/70)+Super 8mm

Telepaths within the electrical hermitages around Mount Te Aroha work with the local population - brain washing them through the use of street speakers which transmit alchemical formuli to keep the population docile. The source of these broadcasts is shown to be the mass media operating on officially approved frequency bandwidths. Under the guidence of remote viewing telepaths a technological witch-doctor called Nana Shamanic becomes the tool of the technicians observing this psychic effect.

Behind the voice of control: A strange man in a puppet booth dispenses scrolls of power

The remote viewers walk from the moon and embed themselves in your living room-once there there hatch a self replicating egg from an alien source-there is no stopping them even thought the original creature has long gone the echo of the echo lives on fore ever-revitialised each time you switch on the tube

laboratory tests conducted within the closed hermetical seal of the grid cartesian coordinates descartes torture war kill situationism laboratory


A three part series which examines the telepaths of Te Aroha, a small town in New Zealand - transmitting subliminal signals across the pylons from their Electrical hermitages
Filmed 2005/6/7/8 by Snakebeings


Alchemical Pilgrimage 2002-2008

Super 8 Film transferred to video :
17 minutes.

Documents the pilgrimage of three monk-like figures as they make their way to the broadcasting antenna at the summit of Mount Te Aroha (north island New Zealand).

On arrival the 'pilgrims' perform a chaotic ritual utilising the 3 objects they have brought with them (a silver suit case containing strange alchemical gadgets, a radio antenna and an incense burner made from a VW hubcap).


Satisfied with the outcome of their Alchemical Ritual the monks return, closing the lid on the magical technology contained within the silver suit case.

Filmed in New Zealand Jan-April 2002

Final edit 2008




Plastic 2007/8 03:33 mins -The creature of Petroleum Relics is out and about- Food Packaging was encased in a supermarket refuge pile for several decades. Elemental forces caused the egg to hatch>from it then came a plastic creature>
Made by Snakebeings and Dave Mike [Guitarist from the Mr Sterile Assembly]-




Pumpkin Soup 2007 : a ' surrealist metaphor for the disposable society of the spectacle in which a plastic headed consumer is caught within an endless cycle of decay' length 3:41
Photography Snakebeings

Actor Adrienne Grant


Death of an Orchestra

A coin operated mechanical orchestra meet their destruction when a disgruntled customer objects to their money making scheme. The destruction of the orchestra has an imploding effect on the film reality of the customer showing the co-dependence of viewer and screen.

summary of film
The grotesque form of the Pixilated customer arriving at a corner shop begins The Death of an Orchestra in which the inhabitants of a mysterious mechanical coin operated theatre use a variety of schemes to rob the passer-by of their money. The stopmotion puppet's offer of a free coin entices the customer to spend more to view increasingly shorter performances of their ramshackle music. When the puppets resort to obvious begging tactics the hideous customer, who was at first enchanted by their magical spectacle, becomes angry and destroys the orchestra, finding their destruction means the end of his own existence as the curtains simultaneously close on both viewer and performer.
Stp frame animation by SnakeBeings 2006


Acting and script development:
Martin and Snakes go to the Zoo

DIRECTED AND fILMED bY MICHELLE SAVILLE - A comedic Semi-punkoiD macro adventure zone.
Random humour bordering on 'a bit borat' or dave chapelle or even slightly monty pythony ... .. . Co-written by Michelle, Martin and Snakes

Screened at the NEW YORK International Independent Film and Video festival.... 2006


a Group of pylon resistance fighters become corrupted by the hum of the wires - Might be a bit regional, but in the Waikato, new zealand a power company wanted to put pylons accross farmlands and houses, there was a lot of resistance to the idea- excuse the pun- including threats of armed retail-iation "get off my land!" he says waving a shotgun-you know the type of thing- this film is taking the idea further and the pylon-badder-meinhoff terrorist group threaten to take the power into their own hands- of course all power corrupts and the hum of the pylon proves to be very seductive.
  Snakebeings Film Biog
  The Remote Viewers 2008
  Review by Daniel Powell

The Remote Viewers 2008 -coming to a Youtube near you soon!

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Death of an Orchestra - 2006

The Remote Viewers part one -2005>2008

Pylon Pirates - 2005

Kill for your Government Kill - 2005

Alchemical Pilgrimage - 2002>2008

Cholera Clocks - 1995

The Shrine - 1993

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