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Cholera Clocks

The Relics of Santa Arson


Cholera Clocks / Santa Arson

Super 8 film transferred to video. Ten minute film showing the manufacture and distribution of the relics of Santa Arson. According to popular belief the saint cut off his own thumbs; left and right. As time passed it became obvious that there were in fact thirteen so-called "authentic thumbs of Santa Arson" scattered amongst the worlds religious reliquaries. The thumbs became the prized possessions of many a religious community who revered the Saint of Combustion.
The film features rare footage of the living present day Santa Arson (Steve Rife) in action, as well as documentary evidence of the shrine factories of Santiago de Compostella; showing the use of conveyor belts and modern assembly line methods of relic construction.
Made in London E8 1993-94.