Films of Snake Beings
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The films of Snake Beings are available on VCD video.
One Hour long featuring:

Santa Arson, The Shrine and Alchemical Pilgrimage

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Santa Arson (Cholera Clocks)
Alchemical Pilgrimage
Kaosphere Orchestra Text

The Shrine :
Twenty minute Super 8 Film transferred to video documents the shrine (comprising of three separate site specific instalations) during its construction, adoration and eventual destruction. Each of the proposed four Shrines were dedicated to an element and then displayed in a public place for adoration, the shrines were then destroyed by the particular element to which they were attributed. The final shrine and the fourth element of Air, is the film itself, the record of the ritual, which is presently in the process of destruction through repeated public screenings, the oxide on the video tape demagnetising, slowly losing its charge.
Patent # 434433333-001
Made in Holland, Spain (east and west) 1991-92

Water Shrine: Destroyed at Noordwijkerhout Holland
Fire Shrine: Destroyed Parc Guell Barcelona Spain.
Earth Shrine: Destroyed near Ponferrada Western Spain.