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20th November 2010
Last updated:
20th November 2010

'The book thing'
And what kind of thing are you meant to do with 'The book thing' ?
30 Seconds each

19th November 2010
Last updated:
19th November 2010

a book: a book

3rd October 2010
Last updated:
20th November 2010

Confusion Bake Ingredients:
-1 snake
-1 cat
-layer mask
-an anim that does not render identical to how it runs when played live via open animation/program
-a reply that does not bring light but remains entirely mysterious
-a sky that is constantly full of grey in London
-addtional hot spice: recovering from cold and temperature

Mix the whole
Wait 7 days

The result should look beautifully confusing with even less of a clue then before.
To finish the decoration, cut, write and add a label that displays a well deserved: '*CONFUSION CONGRATULATION*'
confusion recipe

3rd October 2010
Last updated:
3rd October 2010

A cat sits under a tree
a stone falls from the sky, straight into the hand of the Cat
the cat begins to smile.
Heavenly stone

3rd October 2010
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3rd October 2010

Two different least thats the starting point-
1) collaborations can be progressive and linear
-ie one person adds something to the end of what the other has done
but also can be
2) intensive- changing and adapting what the other has done-
so that no more length is added to the animation, but the image is more refined little by little
progressive and intensive collaboration

23rd September 2010
Last updated:
3rd October 2010

1/knowing how to read and write
2/access to internet
3/be aware of the www reference
4/once arrived at www location, knowledge of password to enter next
5/first visit materialise
6/ Bookmark the site to make a short-cut on the browser
7/ save password in firefox so it will remember for next time
8/little by little, weeks, months and years.
but 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 will only be true if zero is part of the equation. Zero's value is: must know a snake! must know a Cat!
first visit

9th September 2010
Last updated:
22nd September 2010

Each person makes a flash animation of thirty seconds. they exange the files and work on them, adapting and altering them30 Seconds each