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The shrine super8 film
The Shrine Film : 1991-93

1Water shrine from the Film : " The Shrine "A twenty minute Super 8 Film transferred to video shows the water shrine during the construction, adoration and eventual destruction through emursion in the north sea. Each of the proposed four Shrines were dedicated to an element : in this case Water, and then displayed in a public place for adoration, in this case the Noordwijk sea dijks and Noordwijk binnen psychiatric hospital zoo The water shrine destroyed by the particular element to which it was attributed. The final shrine and the fourth element of Air, is the film itself, the record of the ritual, which is presently in the process of destruction through repeated public screenings, the oxide on the video tape demagnetising, slowly losing its charge.
Patent # 434433333-001
Made in Holland 1992
destroyed on Noordwijk aan Zee beach.
2Fire shrine : shrinemaker diary
25-nov-91 3;30 am.
I am a free person once more, the shrine, that object of magico-religious art has been destroyed again, this time by fire the flames have lept up and devoured the shrine on its hill top last resting point. It had become real, the shrine, manifested through the power of film and the appearances in the winding streets of the Ramblas.
It appeared there outside the churches of timezone Spain for a brief flickering moment then it went back to where it came from, to non-creation , a lingering thought that either existed once or will exist in the future. A public ritual of destruction with the petrol, there remains only the charred bottles and a memory of its image in the minds of the few who were curious enough to look.
Patent # 434433333-002
Made in Spain, 1993
destroyed in guel parc Barcelona,
3Earth shrine
Patent # 434433333-003
Made in Spain, 1993
Destroyed by burial near abandoned church 6km outside of Ponferrada on the way to the 'Templarios granja'