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The Shrine Factories of Santiago de Compostella.
º Introduction
º The Merging of Occult Powers with Technology
º BingoDiziac Device
º The Cult of the Dead Light-Bulb
º The Cult of the Dead Light-Bulb 2
The Shrine Factories of Santiago de compostela.
At the end of the pilgrim's way in north western Spain lies the town of Santiago de Compostela ; for many centuries the end destination of travellers from many different strains of religion, Pagan Pre-Christian and Christian Heretic have traditionally converged here to consolidate forces against the oppressing order of the church .
The knights Templar with their knowledge of Astrology have left their marks in the cathedral, with it's twelve shrines that encircle the thirteenth central jewel studded alter. An eye in a triangle looks down from the domed Arabic vaulted ceiling, a great stone serpent at the pilgrims entrance to the cathedral has centuries of usage shown in a hand shaped mark in the stone where it is customary to place your own hand on entry.
Virgin Enamel Blue
Around the Cathedral the predominant industry is the making and renovating of icons and statues for the supply of the multitude of shops selling religious paraphernalia to the tourists and religious travellers.
In narrow alley ways workshop windows display unfinished the mechanisms of devotion, shelves can be seen lined with component parts lying ready for prefabricated assembly ; Angels Wings, Saint's Halos, Iron Nail, and Tin of Virgin Blue Enamel sit among Hammers and Screwdrivers, Soldering Irons and Wire Cutters ; tools which can be used for Creation, delicate Operations or Destruction as seen fit by the discretion of the sales staff.
Several of the workshops have opted for modern means of production limiting their business to component supplies for the large assembly plants in the neighbourhood.
Religion in Line with Technology
Unfortunately the source of raw materials, salvaged plaster and carved wood, is running dry and certain unscrupulous dealers are resorting to the use of modern day materials in an attempt to cut costs and appeal to the recent trend of up-dating the church, bringing Religion on line with Technology. But the worse is yet to come, and it is complications such as these which chart the prognosis of the spiritual malaise eating away at all organised religion as the end of the millennium draws near.
Reliquary Rats
These Reliquary Rats have been known to use second rate items such as Broken Alarm Clocks, Typewriters, Christmas Lights Camera Lenses and Basic Electronic Circuit-Trickery along with other items found easily in the wastes of a large pilgrim town. The use of these found items are said by certain quarters in the religious labyrinth to contain more of the 'Essence' simply for the reason that they have been obtained ‘without conscious effort', and as time passes it can be seen, without doubt, that in the future usage of these local deities will increase as it has in other sectors of the religious community such as San Jose's shrine in Avinguda del Santuari de Sant Josep de la Muntanya in Barcelona, or a more recently occupied chapel nearby which was reported as having used numbers clipped from metro tickets collected from the turn-stiles of the local station in its Basilica.
Theology and Electronics
These practices are on the increase and nowadays it is common for the craftsperson of the church to be well versed in Electronics and assorted Pyrotechnica in addition to the traditional Theology and religious sciences, evident in the most recent development of the appearance of coin operated electronic prayer candles and the vending machines selling postcards and statues in the Vatican city.
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