The Merging of Occult powers and Technology.
º Introduction
º Shrine Factories of Santiago de Compostella
º BingoDiziac Device
º The Cult of the Dead Light-Bulb
º The Cult of the Dead Light-Bulb 2
The Merging of Occult powers and Technology
The search for the workings behind The Religious Experience was a long and treacherous journey. It took us through the dusty and dirty peripheries of the esoteric before the first cogs of the machine revealed their gnarled teeth above the seemingly smooth surface of their perfectly constructed reality. Slowly the Divine Circuitry became apparent after endless visits to the trance states of seedy church hall mediums and the bargain basement of the church of Dick Smith’s Electronic Emporium.
From a distant chance encounter in a Bingo-Hall, under the deep spell of Random Number Divinities; Technicians from the diversity of Organized Religions met for the first time to exchange Techno/Religico Blue-Prints. They discussed the foundation of a research group called ‘Circuit47’, which would attempt the assimilation of Occult powers with Technology. Each had brought with them the plans, Apparatus and Means, commissioned by their various Religions, through which the congregations could be hypnotized, stimulated and convinced by Mechanically induced Religious Experience.
They proposed a plan to reveal the Mechanics behind Organised Religion, utilising the blue-prints they had taken from their corrupt employers and with this in mind set forth to gain the necessary Technologies using a technique which they called "collecting objects without conscious effort".
The group took inspiration from a contemporary urban myth which told of a heretical sub-culture of monks who had taken to the collecting of Dead Light-Bulbs and burnt out fuses from the electrical cupboards of Basilicas and local holy sites. The Monks claimed that the electrical components had been charged with an invisible supernatural force; which had surged down the wires causing the bulbs to break.
The Origin of this invisible energy was never discussed although according to the myth several Electrical Pylons in the surrounding country side had been found adorned with Alchemical Symbols, candle wax and bodily fluids. Local people stopped using the tracks, which passed under the wires, and Phantom Residual Energies were reportedly manifesting themselves in the Television Sets, Toasters and everyday Electrical Appliances in the nearby village. Meanwhile back in the Bingo-Hall, under subliminal effect of the sound track of Random numbers, the Technicians were moving in several directions at once.
One of these directions lead to the International Patents office with an aim to researching the existing Religious Apparatus under file heading ‘A-47’.
Among the usual devices such as ‘Electric Votive Candles’ and ‘Electronic Prayer Carpets’ were found more obscure items such as the Apparatus and Means of Generating an Electrical Eye of God Device or the esoteric Alchemical Random Divinity Selector . (See enclosed photographs from private collection The Shrines of Snake-Beings) Meanwhile other members of the Bingo-Hall conspiracy were busy with portable Tape Recorders and small localised Transmitting devices. The sounds which were obtained using this white-noise based E.V.P. or Electronic Voice Phenomena were believed to be the communications from dis-embodied spirits which had modulated the static to form words. However the strangest results came from experimentation with existing and present day transmissions from the (Black) Mass Media. The Technicians decoding the radio signals from major broadcasting companies discovered a multitude of Subliminal and often Demonic (and Masonic) voices, hidden beneath the surface of the sound and image track. Other Technicians were at work with the reported Phantom Residual Energies present in discarded and seemingly broken Electrical Appliances. They discovered that through the correct channeling, these devices could be used in the building of Oracular Machines to gain knowledge of the rapid proliferation of Mutated and Technologically Modified Saints and Deities that run beneath the surface of so-called modern civilisation. This group went on to incorporate the popular fascination with games of chance within the Religious/Mechanical experiment, utilising an electronic roulette wheel within the prayer machines to allow Random Selection of Divinities (Photographs in this website present several of the prayer machines made by Snake-Beings to these specifications). The merging of Technology with Religion meant that all kinds of devices could be used in the modern ritual, including Frequency Generators and Strobing Light-sources. One of the results of the research revealed that certain frequencies could affect moods within the human mind. For example 3 Hertz was found to cause Grumpyness Irritation and Depression while 25 hertz, or 25 flashes per second, was found to induce excitement and a 'feeling of an almighty presence, or Religious buzz'. When these findings were revealed to Technicians in the Media field it was discovered that 'Coincidentally' this was also the frequency of a flickering Television Set, revealing that the Religious worship of Technology was already more advanced than previously suspected.
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