The Cult of the Dead Light-Bulb two
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º Shrine Factories of Santiago de Compostella
º The Merging of Occult Powers with Technology
º BingoDiziac Device
º The Cult of the Dead Light-Bulb
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In the great hall of the monastery where for centuries the monks had worshipped corrupt gods now proven not to exist neither now nor ever, where they had spread the lies that time exists just to validate metaphysical madness. In this great hall where the monks had outlawed sexuality drugs and trance states, claiming that these things were responsible for destroying an imaginary "ozone layer" between us and real life,that isolates humans from experiencing pure unadulterated reality in which "we would surely shriven ". In this great hall where suddenly all the restrictions had been lifted was the machine of timelessness built.

Some would call it a "time machine" after having read science fiction stories from a later year and assuming that time was real. The machine was not something that the prospective traveller sat in , adjusted dials, and then after pulling an enormous iron lever be confronted with cheap special effects,sparks,and speeded up film showing clocks spinning food rotting and clouds whizzing across the sky. The machine was built from a different world view from that which the later monks were to spread across the globe to inspire science fiction writers of a future time. The monks had reached a state of timelessness through their own means and were not dependant on mechanical apparatus-and-methods-of nor did they depend on the omnipotent, all seeing impermeable eternal that of later years was to be imposed on the globe's eye view.

The monks approached the problem of the time machine from the fact that god is dead so all time followed that fate also ,in fact the actual work of the machine was minimal,for the idea of a time machine is a contradiction of terms, time simply did not exist,so how could you build a machine which could sustain itself on so thin a substance .

Fish swimming through the sky. The paintings of Hieronymus Bosch show two people sitting on the back of a fish as it flies through the sky on of them has a bag tied on the end of a stick suggesting that they are travelling somewhere,it is the symbol of a time machine as imagined from timezone Spain or the vision of the so-called present day: aircraft over a blue sky approaching a busy airport.

Such Time machines are a contradiction in terms; they presupose the existance of something they seek to prove is non-existant. The experimental aproach is needed: don't travel through time; destroy time. Simple logic.
History is a straight line progression ,time runs only in straight lines,history is repeating itself. Break these rules for they are weak and full of contradictions and time is broken; a smashed record; use the tape machine, re-record and erase.
In the great hall of the monastery, where for centuries,,,,Ozone monks disintergrate the word line,break the chain of events. Monks against the invaders with the high pole of steel topped with the face of the opressor,steel faced with the twelve numbers Roman etched around its dial ,sinister glare out,,,

The machine which the monks built was a word machine;fed each day with the days words,adding to the already massive bank of data stored on magnet tape.Randomly inserted words on the loop of rotating tape the philosophy of the new monastery was taken from the first spinning of the machine and the words which were emitted from the previous programming in Timezone Friedreichshaven;
" Cat shit running rivers of invoking ringworm in sin for nothing salvation ,ravers of death falling entered systems of followers.."
Pause , then more words come out of the machine,each sentence spoken by a different voice cut together jaringly;
" You require files of disidents following freak eggs unto thou, into reseanable dogma runs riot of timeshift,,"
The machine is adjusted for an alarmclock had fallen into the works.
" Peeled pit pleasure riot at Spainish grave.Running reasonist foam of time ..why have sin for nothing,, salvation reasoned systems.."
" Raising freak nuns runs my rapid peeled sin for nothing salvation ,,death falling in entered systems, unreasonable dogma reasonable scepticism Roman dogs dogmatic significance at raising rapid adepts spontaniously from the bubbling time shift ,,Spain fall dying timepit diseased pit-worm of confidence tricked..."

Here the machine began to overload and a spit of tape was sent spinning out over the marbled floor of the great hall ,spilling tape-worms in morning sunlight,the last words of the machine vomit out,machine screams echo in the hall, whinning tape stretched to snapping point; screaming clocks.

" Why have sin for nothing salvation,, run riots at time shift"

An explosion as flames lick the long curtains and chews on piles of paper under the window.

" ...Spain falls dying in pit pleasure.. ring off time..."

" When Time is destroyed , as it was in timezone Germany Friedreichshaven: the wires of reality are layed bare for all to see, in this medieval monastery Time was destroyed and the inhabitants sent spinning ,timeless and into the void , without the face of time and the opressive Gods they were formless and infinate, becoming part of the nowhere mind,,nowhere now here mind..."

The black hooded monk walks to the corner of the great hall where a veiling purple curtain sections off part of the room , pulls back the heavy ornate material to reveal a mass of machinery,where once would stand the alter piece, complex electrical and mechanical, made from what appears to be a cluster of ancient square screened television sets, alarm clocks set into typewriter bases and large reel to reel tapemachines which dominate the back wall of the alcove with a sea of magnetic tape loops
The monk stands before the great machine as if in silent prayer listening deep inside the machine, finally he reaches out to open a concealed control panel in the dark stained wood,makes a minute adjustment to the machine,then taking out a small hammer taps the side of one of the square television sets before the voice continues its monologue from one of the speaker systems set either side of the monkish alter. The face of the hooded monk remains obscured as he returns to his place in the pews, the voice of the machine -sombre tones echo back..

" As a wise person once said to me; there is no such thing as coincidence, it is as if a switch is turned and a light bulb comes on, only we can't see the wires. Time is that which hides the wires from our views,lay them bare for all to see and we will cease to live in one dimension , end the loop of time and break histories repeating phases, short out time
..Eliminate Electrical..,arching spark to stop the incessent twitching of clocks,from abbey to abyssss ssstill time with will,history scattered random into all zones of time ,break the bonds where history is caught in loops break and cease time with will,with will lliiiiiiilllliiillliii lllliillilillllillilililllillill illilllillilllillilillill

The voice from the machine caught in a word jam,words chosen at random from the bank of available data stored on the tape loops are echoing back and forth through the great hall, reverberating ripples in the great hall random rhythm crashes back and forth causing several of the monks to go into convolsions of pleasure or pain uncertain,

"lulliiilllilililllliuliillllilil illlliliillullililillllliulliliil liiilil uiilliiiiiilulilililllilliliiili lliliilliluililililillililililiiil illilii lilluiliiiilliluilililil"

The hooded monk is speaking in tongues in acompliament to the word locked machine ,they have to get him on the floor,the serving monks, and try to get hold of his tongue, they eventually manage but not before the hooded monk swings four of them onto the hard pews in a sprawling mess,grabs the microphone, and in a frenzy of spit and slobber begins inputting into the machine, loading the loop data bases:
" Non realist monk refuses distintergration ,,gas the chalice ,,
end festering time crashed from,, Television clusters caught on ,, sever the mind elementals.."

After the destruction of the monastery its waste left-overs was spread out across time to hide the evidence as to tampering with time and the reality consensus , Monks also were scattered across timeless voids. The monks operated without any kind of central base fixed in any timezone what so ever,instead they appeared as individuals incongruous to their timezones,inconsistencies in accepted realities, sowing seeds to the destruction of the established order of events, somehow a loose cog within the machine which would not go away confusing religious and mechanical belief and opening wounds of interference to static snow bound inner television screens; shooting down television comics.

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