The Cult of the Dead Light-Bulb
º Introduction
º Shrine Factories of Santiago de Compostella
º The Merging of Occult Powers with Technology
º BingoDiziac Device
º The Cult of the Dead Light-Bulb 2
"...................." There was a long Pause before more words could come out of the machine, and the congregation which had gathered to hear the machine speak grew restless. But what could they expect this was the first time a machine had been set up in the space where usually the congregation were more at home seeing a Priest, looking serious and immaculately dressed in black business suit, there were bound to be 'Technical Problems'. It had not been easy for the congregation to accept the machine, there had been many doubts, but now as the machine intoned its random prayer message; each sentence or half sentence spoken by a different voice cut together jarringly, glimmers of deep understanding flickered across their faces. First the machine is adjusted, for an alarm-clock had fallen into the works,,,,,,,,, "Spain falls dying",,,, spilling tape-worms in morning sunlight,,,,,, the last words of the machine vomit out,,,,, machine screams echo in the hall,,,,whining tape stretched to snapping point as the people are already getting to their feet,,,,,something is breaking,,,,, screaming clocks. Above the soundtrack of stampeding people, screams and glass being smashed the calm voice of the narrator is heard, amplified through the same loudspeaker system as before. "It may have seemed to the out-sider that the world view of medieval monks had been transplanted in the modern world of space travel, where the technology of the space craft, in all its mysteriousness, became a focus of worship to the general population. However if we study this phenomema we will discover other,, cover ,, uffer, dis,,,over-will lllll lllll lll..." The last remaining Hooded monk walks to the corner of the great hall where a veiling purple curtain sections off part of the room, pulling back the heavy ornate material to reveal a mass of machinery, where once would stand the alter piece. The form of the machine is complex electrical and mechanical, made from what appears to be a cluster of ancient square screened television sets, alarm clocks set into typewriter bases and large reel to reel tape machines which dominate the back wall of the alcove with a sea of magnetic tape loops The monk stands before the great machine, as if in silent prayer. He is listening deep into the myriad sounds of its workings, the quiet buzz of electrical energy pulsating through the immense network of wires. Finally he reaches out to open a concealed control panel in the dark stained wooden casing, making a minute adjustment to the machine, before eventually taking out a small hammer which he uses to tap the side of one of the square television sets. The voice continues its monologue from speakers which appear to be encrusted with the blackened globes of a thousand dead Light-Bulbs. The face of the hooded monk remains obscured as he returns to his place in the pews, the voice of the machine's sombre tones echo back..
The Cult of the Dead Light Bulb.
Modern day splinter group which has broken off from various of the world's Organised Religions. Allegedly founded when several defecting Technicians from the Laboratories of the world's leading Religions met by chance encounter in a "bingo" Hall. Each founding member had taken with them the latest plans and blueprints for Religious Apparatus and Methods which they had decided not to pass on to their corrupt employers, preferring to sell the secrets to "the other side". Within a short space of time and an excited open discussion, to the soundtrack of the Bingo callers Random number selection, they formed the entity now know as the cult of the dead Light-Bulb.
They came upon the name, The Cult of the Dead Light-Bulb, after one of the group, an electrician by trade, was rewiring a Monastery like space craft which , he was told, was a haven for a nameless secret society of monks who had taken to the practice of stealing the broken Light-Bulbs and burnt-out Fuses from the church electrical cupboards, apparently for use in their secret rituals. One of the Heretics was said to have claimed that the stolen Light-Bulbs were "Charged with Religious Energy" and another claimed that an "Alchemical Transubstantiation" had taken place within the filament of the burnt-out fuse.

The practice of using found materials reflects the philosophy that claims certain 'readily available materials' to contain more of the alchemical essence due to the fact they were found 'without conscious effort'...
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